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Do a Cruise Down Under From the UK

f you don’t like long-haul flights (and who does?), then cruising is the new way to travel. If you are looking for a new destination, look ‘Down Under’. Where is `Down Under’, I hear you ask? Australia and New Zealand; the newest and hottest travel destination!

Australia, the `Lucky Country’ – great climate, vast outback, prosperous, modern cities, sea and surf beaches and plenty to see.

New Zealand, the home of `The Lord of the Rings’ and `Hobbit’ movies – clean and green, scenery `to die for’ and friendly people.

Cruises from UK to Australia and New Zealand depart from Southampton. For all australian cruises from southampton visit from

On your cruise down under to New Zealand and Australia you can go one of two ways. Firstly, via the Panama Canal, making a variety of stopovers at beautiful islands in the South Pacific such as Honolulu, Pago Pago, Papeete, Fiji, and Nuka ‘Alofa along the way.

The other option is via Cape Town or the Suez Canal, either of which, you are able to stop over at a variety of destinations along the way.

In New Zealand there are eight ports where cruise ships berth, and in Australia there are around eighteen berthing ports. The good thing about cruises is that they travel at night and berth at the stopover ports in the morning, and so that allows you to do on-land sight-seeing excursions during the day.

The New Zealand ports include the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Napier, Wellington, Lyttelton (Christchurch), Dunedin and Milford Sound, and the Australian ports include Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Whitsunday Island, Darwin, Freemantle, Adelaide and Melbourne.

The duration of these cruises are 30 to 35 days sailing from the UK to New Zealand and Australia, but then you can link up with cruises around Australia and New Zealand that can take up to an additional 30 days if you wish. If you travel via the Panama, you could carry on across the Indian Ocean to Cape Town, and then home, in which case you would need to allow another 25 days or so.

Conversely, you could cruise back up through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean and cruise the Greek Islands, stop-over in Italy, Southern France and then home.

Now that would be a great trip, and if you did it over the Southern Hemisphere summer, you could miss the cold UK winter. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Escorted tours Australia

There is plenty to see and experience in Australia. A holiday down under can be a very thrilling experience. If you want to get the best out of your trip, you should check out the available Australia escorted tours. There are many itineraries available, ranging from rail tours to wildlife tours. Australia is a diverse land with beaches, snow-capped mountains, rain forests, rivers, and much much more. The outback is a vast wilderness with animals such as emus, koalas, kangaroos, and dingoes living in their natural habitat.

There are also plenty of cities to visit if you’d prefer a cosmopolitan experience. If you choose a luxury tour, you can expect to dine in the finest restaurants in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. You may want to make New Zealand a part of your journey so that you can experience everything that the South Pacific has to offer.

Ideally, your holiday should last for at least two weeks, so that you will have enough time to explore different places. Here are a few activities you may want to do during your stay:

• A scenic drive through the Outback
• Explore the Sydney Harbour and Opera House
• Relax in tropical North Queensland
• Visit the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns
• Go sightseeing in Australia’s biggest cities
• A fun-filled day at Bondi Beach

And, of course, if you have the time and money, you can choose an itinerary that includes activities in New Zealand.

Escorted tours in Australia are available all year round. The rates are usually lower during the spring months. On an escorted luxury tour, you can expect to receive luggage service for the entirety of your trip! All of the “little” things will be taken care of so that your holiday will be free from any stress.

Your tour can begin before you even fly to Australia! You can arrange to meet your escort right there at the airport. Should you want to do your own thing, all you have to do is request some free time. A good luxury tour company will help you plan out your trip. As for accommodation, some of the finest hotels in the South Pacific work with luxury escort companies. You can trust that your every need will be taken care of, no matter which type of excursions you choose.

Before you book with any escorted tour company that offers holidays to Australia, make sure that you understand exactly what the package includes and excludes. For instance, some companies include airport taxes in their pricing and some do not. Some packages include daily meals and some exclude them. You need to know for which services or taxes you will be responsible ahead of time so that you can be prepared for any additional costs.

Best Things To Do In Sydney Australia

lanning your luxury Australia travel itinerary, why not consider the following 10 best things to do in Sydney Australia?

Australia is a vast continent where you can stroll on white sands, snorkel in blue waters, wander through green rainforest or drive across an endless red desert.

You can enjoy some of the Worlds best restaurants, wineries, galleries and shops. Or you can share Australians’ love of sport – from a round of golf on a kangaroo-covered course to a seat at a fast-paced Aussie Rules football match

Here in no particular order are our top 10 things to do in Sydney Australia …

1 – Take a thrilling scenic helicopter flight to the Blue Mountains. Stunning views of the City and Sydney Harbour, the Blue Mountains National Park and the spectacular Jamieson Valley all feature in this 45 minute ride before you are set down on top of the Blue Mountains to enjoy a gourmet barbeque lunch in secluded surroundings.

2 – Indulge in a City Sights Discovery tour, visiting the charming historic Rocks area, taking in Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for an unrivalled view of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and Bridge. Pause briefly for morning tea in the beautiful Sydney Harbour National Park before travelling onwards to South Head. After a short stroll along the cliff tops, continue to Bondi Beach and Centennial park before returning to Circular Quay.

3 – Sail the oceans blue for a cruise around Sydney Harbour under sail for a magnificent 2 hour personalised tour around one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.

4 – Visit the picturesque Hunter Valley to discover Australia’s first wine region. Join your private winemaker for a tour of the distinctive wines in a private guided tasting at the best of the region’s wineries. A gourmet lunch awaits you where you can enjoy great wines and gourmet dining in the Hunter Valley’s best restaurant.

5 – Lunch at a genuine Australian working sheep and cattle station, where your hosts provide you with an insight into life on the land, showcasing the striking Australian bush and its unique wildlife. Return to Sydney with a twilight flight over Sydney Harbour.

6 – Treat yourself to a night at the opera at the Sydney Opera House. Upcoming performances of the Swan Lake ballet, Don McClean, Edward Scissorhands, The Clarke/Duke Project and Neil Sedaka, as well as classics like Ravel’s Bolero, Stravinsky’s Firebird and Don Giovanni.

7 – Enjoy Australian and international art exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

8 – Take in the natural history at the Sydney Aquarium and Taronga Park Zoo. The aquarium is one of the largest and most spectacular aquariums in the world. Journey through the rivers and oceans of Australia and be astounded by the diversity, whilst at Taronga Park Zoo find the critically endangered Booroolong Frogs, or the first Elephant pregnancy in Australasia, all within sight of Downtown Sydney. Whilst you are there, don’t miss the Sky safari!

9 – Learn to catch the waves at Manly or Bondi Beach with surfing lessons designed to make you into the hottest “chic” on the beach.

10 – Visit an ancient Aboriginal site and outstanding lookouts of the Blue Mountains National Park. Examine rock formations and the quaint little village of Leura before heading to Katoomba and the magnificent Jamieson Valley and the renown Three Sisters.

Top Australia attractions

The names that come across one’s mind while speaking about Australia tourist attractions are Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef and many more. Visiting the different cities of Australia is a great experience in itself. Vacation at one of the top ten Australia tourist attractions literally means experiencing great shopping, great food and exciting entertainment. Nevertheless the scenic natural surroundings that these Australia attractions offer are mind blowing. Ten most desired tourist attractions include Fraser Island, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Great Barrier Reef, Scenic World, Jamison Valley, Kakadu National Park, Sydney Opera House, Port Arthur, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Amp Tower Centrepoint, National Gallery of Australia etc.

Fraser Island:

Fraser Island has become the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The tourists would be enthralled to see the lush rain forests, fresh water lakes, eye catching sand cliffs and many more at the Fraser Island. Dingo population is one of the factors that draws the tourists towards it. Moreover the vast stretch of white sandy beaches add to the beauty of the place and increase its credibility as a major tourist attraction in Australia.

Sydney Harbor Bridge:

Sydney Harbor Bridge has been one of the major tourist attraction in Australia through ages. It is a very rare phenomenon that a tourist visiting Australia has not visited the famous bridge. At the foot of the bridge one can see “The Rocks” placed which are considered as the birthplace of Sydney. A brave tourist can also take a walk up to the top of the bridge with an escort.

Great Barrier Reef:

One of the most visited tourist spots in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef which is also considered as the most well protected marine site in the whole world. The Reef stretches along 86 million acres along the North East Australian Coast. A tourist can enjoy the superb natural beauty offered by this marine site. The place bears a mark of historical significance because of the 30 shipwrecks that have been found here.

Jamison Valley:

Famous for the steepest cable car journey of the entire Southern Hemisphere, through a picturesque locale, the Jamison Valley attracts a number of tourists from across the world. One can enjoy a memorable ride in a glass floored cable car through the picturesque valley and enjoy the beauty of the Katoomba Falls, Three Sisters Rock formation etc.

Kakadu National Park:

Kakadu National Park is also a World Heritage site and a most visited tourist attraction in Australia. Covering about five million acres in the Australia’s Northern Territory, this site is the home of about 300 Aboriginals. One can find the Aboriginals residing among the Savannah Woodlands and Tidal Wetlands.

Sydney Opera House:

Constructed by the famous Danish architect John Utzon in the twentieth century, this Opera House is a world famous tourist attraction drawing a number of tourists from across the world. A tourist can take a tour of the backstage and the front of the house.

Port Arthur:

This a prison that happens to be a tourist attraction where visitors can take a guided tour. The doors of the prison are passable through both ways and this unique feature adds to the attraction of this prison. This prison house is one of the extremely notorious penal colonies in Australia housing as young as nine year old prisoners.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park:

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a famous tourist attraction in Australia noted for being the largest rock monolith in the world. According to the Aboriginal people this rock was created at the time of the creation of the Universe. Uluru was previously known as the Ayres Rock.

Amp Tower Centrepoint:

Amp Tower Centrepoint is situated at the height of 1000 feet and is the tallest building in the city which gives awesome views from the observation deck and from the revolving restaurant situated at the top of the building.

National Gallery of Australia:

National Gallery of Australia is the house of some of Australia’s finest art collections which are more than 10000. Here one can see glimpses of the international works and exhibitions of photography.

Visit these ten most desired tourist attractions while touring Australia and enjoy the uniqueness and individuality that each of these tourist spots offer.