Do a Cruise Down Under From the UK

f you don’t like long-haul flights (and who does?), then cruising is the new way to travel. If you are looking for a new destination, look ‘Down Under’. Where is `Down Under’, I hear you ask? Australia and New Zealand; the newest and hottest travel destination!

Australia, the `Lucky Country’ – great climate, vast outback, prosperous, modern cities, sea and surf beaches and plenty to see.

New Zealand, the home of `The Lord of the Rings’ and `Hobbit’ movies – clean and green, scenery `to die for’ and friendly people.

Cruises from UK to Australia and New Zealand depart from Southampton. For all australian cruises from southampton visit from

On your cruise down under to New Zealand and Australia you can go one of two ways. Firstly, via the Panama Canal, making a variety of stopovers at beautiful islands in the South Pacific such as Honolulu, Pago Pago, Papeete, Fiji, and Nuka ‘Alofa along the way.

The other option is via Cape Town or the Suez Canal, either of which, you are able to stop over at a variety of destinations along the way.

In New Zealand there are eight ports where cruise ships berth, and in Australia there are around eighteen berthing ports. The good thing about cruises is that they travel at night and berth at the stopover ports in the morning, and so that allows you to do on-land sight-seeing excursions during the day.

The New Zealand ports include the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Napier, Wellington, Lyttelton (Christchurch), Dunedin and Milford Sound, and the Australian ports include Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Whitsunday Island, Darwin, Freemantle, Adelaide and Melbourne.

The duration of these cruises are 30 to 35 days sailing from the UK to New Zealand and Australia, but then you can link up with cruises around Australia and New Zealand that can take up to an additional 30 days if you wish. If you travel via the Panama, you could carry on across the Indian Ocean to Cape Town, and then home, in which case you would need to allow another 25 days or so.

Conversely, you could cruise back up through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean and cruise the Greek Islands, stop-over in Italy, Southern France and then home.

Now that would be a great trip, and if you did it over the Southern Hemisphere summer, you could miss the cold UK winter. Wouldn’t that be nice?